jay753 asked:

do you change your weight according to what kind of modeling gig your clients want you in? FYI, I miss your blonde hair. It looks darker now.

My hair changes colors in the summer. It used to be a lot more blonde because I was outside all day when I was a garbage man (aka when I first started modeling) and as I get older it gets darker. Plus as I said before I don’t spend as much time outside as I used to. As far as the weight issue goes. I would say I mostly change my weight because I get bored and because I have issues with staying to lean. I don’t have a thyroid because my body rejected it when I was around 19… so its hard for me to stay super lean for extended periods of time. That’s why I look good in some pics and not so good in others. 

jay753 asked:

I came across this youtube video. It's from Catch Me if you Ken.

I want to share it. Your started talking at 28 seconds into the video and said, "I didn't say he throws up, I just said that he chews on it and spits it out." What's the story behind that scene? What did you eat that day? I can tell that you that you're an outgoing guy from that video.

Haha yeah I was just messing around with my buddy Adam that was doing the job with us. 

jay753 asked:

Jeff, I got some new questions for you. 1) I looked at some your pictures and notice that you have a tiny scar on your upper lip. Where did you get that scar? 2) What new campaigns should your fans be looking in 2011? So I haven't seen anything new as of yet. 3) If there's no new campaigns, are you on a break from modeling?


1. I was bit in the face by a pitbull a few years back. 2/3. None as of yet I was on a break for about a half a year in AZ.

kimfloppible asked:

hey, i'm not sure if you remember me from Chicago my Name's Chaz, could you give me some advice about jump starting my career? feel free to email me @ chass014@yahoo.com oh lol i also just followed you on Twitter thanks buddy

Sorry I don’t remember. Anyway I’d say just get yourself into really good shape then shop your pictures around to agencies as well as put up a profile on models.com possibly.